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Biotouch has made its debut in Vietnam!
First Biotouch Certified Clinic in Vietnam

Biotouch made its debut with leading Vietnamese hospital Thu Cuc hospital on 21 December 2019!!!
First Premium Training Center with US Standards, certified by the state of California and Vietnam!

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our upcoming course in January!

Basic Communicative English for Beauty Technicians on January 23, 2020!

and many more classes!
Special Course
in the Philippines this January!

Color DNA and Advance Correction and Camouflage Course on January 28/29, 2020!

and many more classes!
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Biotouch อเมริกา


ตั้งแต่ปี 1980

Founded in the mid-1980s, Biotouch Inc. is now one of the leading manufacturers of pmu and semi-permanent makeup products such as permanent makeup pigments, permanent makeup machines, permanent makeup needles, skincare, aftercare products, and other accessories.  Biotouch products are now sold in 77 countries and territories worldwide.

Since its inception, Biotouch has helped saved women from the time-consuming regimen of enhancing their beauty.  Biotouch’s unique approach is a blend of 5,000 years of Asian makeup techniques with modern technology, to create the finest permanent and semi-permanent makeup products available today.

Biotouch stresses ongoing research and development by introducing new technologies in product manufacturing, and by inventing new categories of skincare and pigments. This helps ensures that the technician gets the most superior quality and safest product available.   With nearly 40 years of experience, Biotouch complete system designed for permanent makeup ensures that the technician gets the best and most consistent results each and every time.  

The Biotouch Training Program has become known internationally as the finest available.  Indeed, Biotouch has trained over 100,000 technicians worldwide, and even our competitors come to us to learn how to do it the right way.

Biotouch Academy was established in 2013 in order to provide technicians in South East Asia with the necessary skills to advance in their careers.  Our classes are designed to be small so that we can focus on student’s success.  We not only cover techniques, but we focus heavily on product knowledge, usage, and safety. We believe that these are the basic building block for any technicians that would like to build a long-lasting career.

With Biotouch, anyone can wake up beautiful!


We have these following services for our clients to choose from

Hollywood Natural Lips, Hollywood Shading Eyebrow, Hollywood Shimmer Eyebrow, Hollywood Eyeliner, Hollywood Mix Eyebrow, Feather Touch Natural Eyebrow,  Evolution Eyelash Extension, Dolly Curl Eyelash Perm and Water Shine Covered BB Glow

หลักสูตรการสอนโดยการรับรองจากสถาบันไบโอทัช อเมริกา

We have these following Biotouch USA certified courses to offer

Micropigmentation Full Course (Technician I), Feather Touch Eyebrow Course, Advanced Correction & Camouflage (Technician II) and Master Feather Touch Course (Be a Master)

หลักสูตรการสอนโดยการรับรองจาก International Beauty and Body art

We have these following IBBA courses to offer

Scalp Care Micropigmentation Course, Paramedical Procedure Course, PMU Instructor Course, Areola Pigmentation Course, Hollywood Eyeliner & Lips Course, Evolution Professional Mink Eyelash Extension, Water Shine Covered BB Glow, Dolly Curl & Tinting Course, Bloodborne Pathogens (Authorized from USA), Basic Communicative English for Beauty Technicians, Meet Biotouch (Free Seminar) and Skin and Pigment Expert


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